Clamping Tools

We offer a wide range of Clamping Tools, such as Pipe Benders , Hydraulic Lifting, Presses all of which are made by professionals and sold by us.

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  • UB – Pipe Benders


    They are available in two versions:

    – UB# – with hand pump and former sets for use on Nominal Bore Tubes from 3/8’’ to 4’’
    – UB4M – with motor-driven pump complete with former set from 3/8’’ to 4’’

    If necessary this particularly silent and fast version can also be manually operated.


    UB pipe benders are suitable for cold-bending without filling the tubes from 3/8” to 4” sized nominal bore to obtain discontinous right and left bends up to 90°. They are suitable only for commercial gas hoses up to their nominal diameter (UNI EN10255 L01 only for BS1387 L – UNI3824 L).
    They can bend hoses of smaller diameter and bigger thickness proportionally.

  • UE – Pullers And Extractors


    They UE extractor series consists of two parts:

    – Mechanical, to be connected to the pieces which have to be extracted, it’s composed by high quality steel which ensures duration and reliability through time. It’s available in two different types, jaw type, to allow the grip on parts shrinked on axles, or tie rod type, for parts like the above ones which are equipped of attachment holes or in connection with ancillaries for external or internal use, for the extraction of peculiar parts;
    – Hydraulic, it provides the necessary force, in this set are included one PN or PS pump series, one CMF cylinder with one ZTE threaded saddle, one 1,8 m long hose, one male quick coupler and one G106L manometer.

    Pullers of UE range may be supplied in 5 tonnage types (5 – 10 – 20 – 30 – 50) and in 3 configurations, i.e.:

    – UEC# (complete puller set) which includes all mechanical parts and hydraulic components;
    – UEG# (jaw puller) consisting of 3 jaw puller and hydraulic components;
    – UET# (press puller set) consisting of pressure puller internal and external puller, hydraulic components;
    – UEZ# (self aligning puller) a 3 jay puller is also available for a more precise and easy positioning on the workplace.


    Indispensable when extracting gears, bearings, couplers and bushings etc. A correct assessment of the item to be extracted as well as the force required is essential for the correct selection of the puller component.


    – UEB# carry case (except for the 50 ton model)


    Versione Z (UEC#Z) complete puller supplied with self aligning type jaw puller (UEZ) instead of the standard type jaw puller (UEG).

  • UGC – Mobile Folding Floor Crane


    UGC floor cranes are robust, versatile, and fully folding for easy storage. There are three models available with maximum lifting capacities from 500kg to 2000 kg. Each model is fitted with hard wearing polyamide wheels and castors for smooth and quiet operation. The three position fully extendable jib is fitted with a handle to facilitate easy positioning and is complete with lifting hook. The combined cylinder and pump unit swivels to allow the operator the maximum access and control. The cylinder has a safety valve and a stroke limitation device.


    These cranes are used in a wide variety of applications including, machinery and engine removal, and machine shops. UGC cranes are essential for lifting, moving and positioning of motors and engines and where space is limited.

  • UGJ – Trolley Jacks


    UGJ trolley jacks feature polyamide swivel castors for smooth and quiet operations. All models are fitted with a foot pedal for fast approach to the load. In addition all models are fitted with a safety valve and stroke limiting device. The 2 ton and 3 ton models have polyamide wheels whilst the 6 and 10 tonne models have cast wheels.


    These jacks are used mainly in machine shops and garages to lift vehicles.

  • UGT – Hydraulic Lifting Tables


    The UGT hydraulic lifting table has been designed to lift loads of up to 2 tonne. The lifting height of 880 mm enables the operator to work in a very comfortable position. The table can be locked mechanically by safety pins at three different positions. UGT tables are equipped with foot pedal for fast approach to the load. The cylinder is fitted with a safety valve and stroke limitation device. The polyamide fixed and swivel wheels are quiet in operation, and do not cause damage to floors.


    In machine shops, garages, and a variety of industrial uses.

  • UHL – Smooth Bore Hydralic Nuts


    The UHL smooth bore Hydraulic Nuts are used in heavy industry and shipyards for mounting bearings, gears or propellers on tapered seatings. They can be used with threaded shafts, on which a reaction nut is installed behind the nut, or with non protruding shafts fitted with axial threaded holes to which a reaction plate can be fitted. Due to the higher force generated if compared to the threaded version, this design results much more versatile and generically applicable to many cases. Built to withstand pressure up to 800 bar, the hydraulic nuts are able to supply all the force necessary also for the most difficult cases. The hydraulic nuts are supplied with two ports on the sides only, one fitted with a K11M coupler, while the other port is plugged and can be used to connect a pressure transducer or a pressure gauge. The pumps dedicated to operate the hydraulic nuts are fitted with the fittings necessary for an optimal connection.

    – Wide dimensional range from 50 mm to 500 mm as standard.
    – The smooth hole, calibrated H7, allows an easy installation on the shaft, not requiring to screw the nut.
    – The models over 30 kg of weight are provided with threaded holes for eyebolts.
    – Particular or larger models are available on request.

  • UHM – Hydraulic Threaded Nut


    The UHM Hydraulic Nuts are used for mounting and dismounting bearings on tapered seating, directly or through conical adapter or withdrawal sleeve. Their design is aimed at reducing the operation time and make it easier. Built to withstand pressure up to 800 bar, the hydraulic nuts are able to supply all the force necessary also for the most difficult cases. The hydraulic nuts are supplied with a K11M coupler at one port, while the other ports are plugged. The pumps dedicated to operate the hydraulic nuts are fitted with the fittings necessary for an optimal connection.

    – Wide dimensional range from 50 mm to 500 mm as standard.
    – Available in UHI version with Imperial thread from 1,967” to 19,682”.
    – The coupling can be fitted to any of the ports available according to the space constraints.
    – The installation of the nut on the thread is facilitated by the holes provided for the insertion of tommy bars
    – The models over 30 kg of weight are provided with threaded holes for eyebolts.
    – Particular or larger models are available on request.

  • UJ – Eurojack And Toe Lifting Jack


    This power jack with adjustable lifting toe is designed to lift large loads from very low positions. They are provided with extendable bases to ensure maximum stability. The lifting toe can be positioned at three different levels with only 25 mm minimum clearance needed. The head of the jack may also be used to lift vertically, or if the jack is turned onto its side it can be used for pushing.


    Particularly suitable for lifting, moving and levelling of machineries and heavy equipments from very low positions.

  • UL – Load Cells


    They are avaible in two versions:

    – UL – with solid rod: equipped with a spherical pushing saddle for off centre load alignments.
    – ULF – with hollow rod: to insert threaded rods or tie bars.

    All models are supplied with pressure gauges marked in kg and with a maximum indicating pointer to measure the maximum load. Degree of accuracy: ± 2,5%


    They are used in many sectors and whenever it is necessary to measure forces and loads. Because of the nitride treatment they are suitable for outdoor operations or in very aggressive environments.


    – F Version Load cell complete with 1 m flexible hose.

  • UMB – Hydraulic Bottle Jacks


    UMB bottle jacks are produced with a one piece base, cylinder and reservoir. This eliminates any potential leaks between the base and reservoir. All jacks are supplied with a operating lever. 20, 30 and 50 tonne models have a carry handle for ease of transport. All models can be used horizontally with the pumping unit below the cylinder. The seals are easily replaced cutting service time down to the minimum. Jacks are fitted with a stroke limiting device and safety valves.


    These jacks are ideal for a variety of lifting or pushing jobs and can be used in many different industries.

  • UML – Lightweight Aluminium Jacks


    UML are self contained compact lifting units with the capacity to lift up to 100 tonnes. They are portable, efficient and reliable.

    They are available in three different versions:

    – Standard with plain ram for vertical lifting or horizontal pushing on the front face;
    – Lock ring with screwed ram and locking collar, an ideal solution to support the load mechanically for long periods;
    – With claw for conventional load lifting or lifting from very low heights on the claw..

    These models have extended bases for maximum stability.

    All models are provided with:

    – A built-in safety valve to prevent overload;
    – A release valve controller by an operating lever to lift and lower the jack;
    – A built-in carry handle available for models over 15 tons.


    Thanks to their light weight and easy handling these jacks are particularly versatile and suitable for many applications as: industrial, civil, ship repair, and railway industries.

  • UMP – Universal Hydraulic Jack Primus


    It’s a compact hydraulic lifter with integrated hand pump and cylinder and it’s manufactured in steel and aluminum. Thanks to its special rubber reservoir it can be used in any working position. A built in safety valve prevents overloads. All models are supplied with a protection ring, a pushing saddle and a lifting toe. The load can be lifted by the head, by the lifting toe or by the foot by using the available accessories such as eye-lefts and nipples. The hand wheel release valve allows an accurate and precise lowering of the load. It can be used in environments with temperatures from -30°C up to +60°C.


    The special design of the PRIMUS-lifter allows it to be used in any working position which gives this jack a very wide range of heavy duty field applications. Used widely in the mining, shipbuilding, railway and steel structural industries it is also suitable for use in rescue applications. The PRIMUS-lifter is an essential piece of equipment for any repair facility.


    – S Version, (UMP5N150WS) Tool without bracket.


    – ZUN5 Nipple, necessary to screw the clevis eye on the top side.
    – ZEU5 Clevis eye, it can be screwed on the rod (without nipple) or on top side of the cylinder (with nipple). Hole dimensions 22 mm.