UE – Pullers And Extractors

Features They UE extractor series consists of two parts: – Mechanical, to be connected to the pieces which have to be extracted, it’s composed by high quality steel which ensures duration and reliability through time. It’s available in two different types, jaw type, to allow the grip on parts shrinked on axles, or tie rod type, for parts like the above ones which are equipped of attachment holes or in connection with ancillaries for external or internal use, for the extraction of peculiar parts; – Hydraulic, it provides the necessary force, in this set are included one PN or PS pump series, one CMF cylinder with one ZTE threaded saddle, one 1,8 m long hose, one male quick coupler and one G106L manometer. Pullers of UE range may be supplied in 5 tonnage types (5 – 10 – 20 – 30 – 50) and in 3 configurations, i.e.: – UEC# (complete puller set) which includes all mechanical parts and hydraulic components; – UEG# (jaw puller) consisting of 3 jaw puller and hydraulic components; – UET# (press puller set) consisting of pressure puller internal and external puller, hydraulic components; – UEZ# (self aligning puller) a 3 jay puller is also available for a more precise and easy positioning on the workplace. OPERATIONAL AREAS Indispensable when extracting gears, bearings, couplers and bushings etc. A correct assessment of the item to be extracted as well as the force required is essential for the correct selection of the puller component. ACCESSORIES : – UEB# carry case (except for the 50 ton model) OPTIONS : Versione Z (UEC#Z) complete puller supplied with self aligning type jaw puller (UEZ) instead of the standard type jaw puller (UEG).

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