UMP – Universal Hydraulic Jack Primus

Features It’s a compact hydraulic lifter with integrated hand pump and cylinder and it’s manufactured in steel and aluminum. Thanks to its special rubber reservoir it can be used in any working position. A built in safety valve prevents overloads. All models are supplied with a protection ring, a pushing saddle and a lifting toe. The load can be lifted by the head, by the lifting toe or by the foot by using the available accessories such as eye-lefts and nipples. The hand wheel release valve allows an accurate and precise lowering of the load. It can be used in environments with temperatures from -30°C up to +60°C. OPERATIONAL AREAS The special design of the PRIMUS-lifter allows it to be used in any working position which gives this jack a very wide range of heavy duty field applications. Used widely in the mining, shipbuilding, railway and steel structural industries it is also suitable for use in rescue applications. The PRIMUS-lifter is an essential piece of equipment for any repair facility. OPTIONS: – S Version, (UMP5N150WS) Tool without bracket. ACCESSORIES : – ZUN5 Nipple, necessary to screw the clevis eye on the top side. – ZEU5 Clevis eye, it can be screwed on the rod (without nipple) or on top side of the cylinder (with nipple). Hole dimensions 22 mm.

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