PROTO PROTO ®OFFERS MUCH MORE THAN JUST TOOLS FOR THE WORKSHOP. The following is what we truly provide to our customers: INSOLVE YOUR CONCERNS.

The bottom of a coal mine is three miles below the surface of the earth. In the Indian Ocean, there is an oil rig. In a war-torn country, a battlefield can be found. These are the types of situations when keeping the work moving is mission critical since lives may be on the line in these situations. Our customers work in demanding industrial jobs in harsh surroundings, where the consequences of an injury or a work stoppage can be catastrophic and financially devastating. As a result, they need the most durable and safest instruments available on the market.

When customers purchase from PROTO®, they are not simply purchasing tools. What they are truly purchasing is the assurance that our tools will assist them in working longer and more safely. Consequently, the PROTO® brand must constantly be distinct in the marketplace, relevant to our customers’ work styles, and authentic to our company’s beliefs and traditions in order to achieve this. Finally, in order to establish awareness and trust in the PROTO® brand, it is necessary to implement these objectives in a consistent manner.

Chindalia Industrial Products Limited offers full Sales, Service rental capabilities from our Service Centers located strategically all over India.

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