Hydraulic Jacks Repairs

Unlike many other types of jacks that are intended to be thrown away when they break, high-quality hydraulic jacks can be rebuilt rather than replaced, and some manufacturers even offer rebuild kits. It makes no difference whether you have a bottle jack or a floor jack; the process is the same.


Because of the harsh conditions that exist in the industrial environment, jacks, hydraulic jack equipment, and lift solutions must be both durable and dependable. It is essential that any solution used in either the automotive industry or the rail industry be able to withstand harsh environments and heavy usage.

Performing maintenance on a hydraulic jack

Additionally, Metro Hydraulic focuses its expertise on hydraulic jack maintenance and repair in addition to offering competitive pricing on new equipment as well as custom design. Our team can create and implement custom layouts for any shop, upgrade all types of systems, and source high-quality parts for any shop.

If you’re having trouble with your hydraulic jack, we understand how frustrating it can be. Safe and long-lasting system repairs require a high level of expertise as well as specialised equipment to be completed successfully. In order for your system to be fully functional again after repairs have been completed, it is critical that you select a repair expert with care.

The use of high-quality replacement parts is essential for successful repairs. If you use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts that are made of high-quality materials, your equipment will last longer and you will save money on repairs and maintenance downtime.

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