UML – Lightweight Aluminium Jacks

Features UML are self contained compact lifting units with the capacity to lift up to 100 tonnes. They are portable, efficient and reliable. They are available in three different versions: – Standard with plain ram for vertical lifting or horizontal pushing on the front face; – Lock ring with screwed ram and locking collar, an ideal solution to support the load mechanically for long periods; – With claw for conventional load lifting or lifting from very low heights on the claw.. These models have extended bases for maximum stability. All models are provided with: – A built-in safety valve to prevent overload; – A release valve controller by an operating lever to lift and lower the jack; – A built-in carry handle available for models over 15 tons. OPERATIONAL AREAS Thanks to their light weight and easy handling these jacks are particularly versatile and suitable for many applications as: industrial, civil, ship repair, and railway industries.

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