UHM – Hydraulic Threaded Nut

Features The UHM Hydraulic Nuts are used for mounting and dismounting bearings on tapered seating, directly or through conical adapter or withdrawal sleeve. Their design is aimed at reducing the operation time and make it easier. Built to withstand pressure up to 800 bar, the hydraulic nuts are able to supply all the force necessary also for the most difficult cases. The hydraulic nuts are supplied with a K11M coupler at one port, while the other ports are plugged. The pumps dedicated to operate the hydraulic nuts are fitted with the fittings necessary for an optimal connection. – Wide dimensional range from 50 mm to 500 mm as standard. – Available in UHI version with Imperial thread from 1,967” to 19,682”. – The coupling can be fitted to any of the ports available according to the space constraints. – The installation of the nut on the thread is facilitated by the holes provided for the insertion of tommy bars – The models over 30 kg of weight are provided with threaded holes for eyebolts. – Particular or larger models are available on request.

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