Jib & Girder Crane Repairs & Maintainance

Our technicians responded to a call out for an inspection of a jib crane that had been damaged in service. The crane had been ‘Tagged Out of Service’ and could not be used or placed back in service until assessment or repair was completed by a competent person, in this case, Nobles crane service technicians.

Once onsite our technician conducted an inspection and it was apparent that the jib crane was knocked and the jib mounting plate was now slightly dislodged from the concrete. The anchors were loose and the base plate had moved away from the floor showing a gap between the underside of the plate and the concrete floor (see first image). Further discussions with the customer indicated that the jib crane was knocked by a forklift when trying to unload a pallet.

Working in tight space restrictions it was initially thought that the jib base plate could be moved slightly and new holes could be drilled and new anchors fitted. This was decided against as the new holes needed to be at least 120mm from the existing holes or voids. This would have also decreased the integrity of the concrete therefore causing an unsafe working environment. After discussions it was then decided to replace the concrete under the jib to ensure the floor was structurally sound and the jib crane cold be mounted back in its original position.

girder cranes

Single girder overhead cranes get their name from the fact that they utilise just one beam, as opposed to two. As such, they are typically designed to carry lighter loads than double girder models.

As with all Pelloby overhead systems, our single girder cranes can span either all or part of a building as required. Electric powered models are common, but manual options are also available for lighter applications. The use of our Kinematic Drive System means each of our single girder cranes offers an excellent operating performance.

Our single girder overhead crane design and manufacturing skills are unmatched, resulting not only in a quality lifting solution tailored to your place of work, but also guaranteeing reliability, a lasting service life and an excellent safety performance.

We also deliver, install and load test your new lifting system, while our crane service and support team can oversee the future maintenance and upkeep of all single girder cranes (whether originally from Pelloby or any other supplier).

Chindalia Industrial Products Limited offers full Sales, Service rental capabilities from our Service Centers located strategically all over India.

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