Hydraulic Lifting Equipments

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  • Heavy Lifting Set

    Heavy Lifting Set


    Model AJZC-129
    Rated Lifting Force 12 Ton
    Safety Factor 4:1
    Lifting Distance 310-5100mm
    Locking form Manual, Self-act
    Lifting out form Manual, Pneumatic, Hydraulic
    Rate pressure of Hydraulic column 720 Bar
    Rate pressure of Pneumatic Column 8bar
  • Hydraulic Ram - A & B

    Hydraulic Ram – A & B


    Model AGYCD-63-120/350-A AGYCD-120/500-B
    Rated Working Pressure 720 (10440 psi) 720 (10440 psi)
    Max. Lifting Force 120KN 120KN
    Closed Length 350mm 500mm
    Lifting Scope 350mm-1080mm 460mm-1060mm
    Length of Extra Piston Bars I/II/III 100/175/275mm 100/175/275mm
    Weight 10Kg (22lbs) 11.3Kg (24.2lbs)
    Dimensions L*W*H 350x260x90mm 500x185x97mm
  • Hydraulic Ram - C

    Hydraulic Ram – C


    Model AGYCD-100-208/600-C
    Rated Working Pressure 720 (10440 psi)
    Max. Lifting Force 90KN  (1st Stage) 200KN ( 2nd Stage)
    Closed Length 460mm
    Lifting Scope 460mm-1060mm
    Weight 13.7Kg (30.2lbs)
    Dimensions L*W*H 460x200x110mm
  • Q-hydraulic Ram

    Q-hydraulic Ram


    Model AGYCD-120/570-Q
    Rated Working Pressure 720 (10440 psi)
    Max. Extending Force 120KN
    Closed Length 350mm
    Working Scope 220mm
    Weight 9.4Kg (20.7lbs)
    Dimensions L*W*H 350x180x90mm


  • Rescue Tripod

    Rescue Tripod


    Model Rated Load Folded Length Opening Length Handle Force Needed Winch Mechanical Principles Lifting Distance Wire Length Weight Dimension


    Weight of winch
    ASJ500/2.2-A 500Kg 2.55M 3.7M 200N 12:1 3.2m 30m 90kg 2550x300x300mm 30 kg
    1100lbs 100in 145.5in 45lbs 12:1 126in 1181 in 198lbs 100×11.7×11.7in 66lbs