UHL – Smooth Bore Hydralic Nuts

Features The UHL smooth bore Hydraulic Nuts are used in heavy industry and shipyards for mounting bearings, gears or propellers on tapered seatings. They can be used with threaded shafts, on which a reaction nut is installed behind the nut, or with non protruding shafts fitted with axial threaded holes to which a reaction plate can be fitted. Due to the higher force generated if compared to the threaded version, this design results much more versatile and generically applicable to many cases. Built to withstand pressure up to 800 bar, the hydraulic nuts are able to supply all the force necessary also for the most difficult cases. The hydraulic nuts are supplied with two ports on the sides only, one fitted with a K11M coupler, while the other port is plugged and can be used to connect a pressure transducer or a pressure gauge. The pumps dedicated to operate the hydraulic nuts are fitted with the fittings necessary for an optimal connection. – Wide dimensional range from 50 mm to 500 mm as standard. – The smooth hole, calibrated H7, allows an easy installation on the shaft, not requiring to screw the nut. – The models over 30 kg of weight are provided with threaded holes for eyebolts. – Particular or larger models are available on request.

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