UB – Pipe Benders


They are available in two versions:

– UB# – with hand pump and former sets for use on Nominal Bore Tubes from 3/8’’ to 4’’
– UB4M – with motor-driven pump complete with former set from 3/8’’ to 4’’

If necessary this particularly silent and fast version can also be manually operated.


UB pipe benders are suitable for cold-bending without filling the tubes from 3/8” to 4” sized nominal bore to obtain discontinous right and left bends up to 90°. They are suitable only for commercial gas hoses up to their nominal diameter (UNI EN10255 L01 only for BS1387 L – UNI3824 L).
They can bend hoses of smaller diameter and bigger thickness proportionally.


Capacity: 3/8″ – 4″