Avdel Avibulb XT

Fast Facts:

  • Structural breakstem rivet.
  • Reliable stem retention.
  • Blind hole, one-sided installation capability.
  • High shear and tensile strength.
  • Multi-grip capability.
  • High residual clamp load.
  • Resists vibration and joint slippage.
  • Good blind side footprint and bulb formation.
  • Spreads the tail bearing load/clamp on the rear sheet.
  • Suitable in softer materials.
  • Underhead recess accommodates burrs around holes and spreads load evenly on top sheet.
  • Avdel® patent protected.
  • Breakstem fasteners can be customized to meet unique assembly requirements.


  • Size: 6.4mm (1/4”) diameter
  • Material: Steel, zinc & clear passivated
  • Headform: Dome


Avibulb® XT is a steel blind rivet with a wide grip range. This high-strength steel breakstem fastener has excellent bulbing tail formation as is ideal for thin sheet applications and use with softer materials.

Especially suited for applications with varying sheet thicknesses, Avibulb® XT has the advantage of good hole fill compensating for irregular, oversized, or misaligned holes.

Avibulb® XT is designed for use in applications such as automotive, truck and trailer, heating and ventilation, domestic appliances, industrial equipment, and renewable energies.

The Avibulb® XT fastener can be installed securely in seconds with our Genesis® nG4 tool.