Avdel Interlock

Fast Facts: Structural breakstem rivet. Stem mechanically locked into body. Blind hole, one-sided installation capability. Multi-grip capability. High shear and tensile strength. Good sheet take-up performance. Excellent hole fill via radially expanded body. Wide choice of installation tools. One fastener can be used to replace several standard grip fasteners. Reduced fastener inventory and simpler stock…


Avdel® Interlock® delivers excellent performance in applications that require structural strength and vibration resistance combined with multi-grip capability in blind side applications.

This multi-grip structural breakstem fastener provides excellent hole fill to form a fully sealed, vibration-resistant joint. The Interlock® rivet can close large gaps and prevent sheet movement while the high shear and tensile strength enable the use of fewer Interlock® rivets per assembly.

Assembly applications include automotive, cabinets and enclosures, commercial vehicles, domestic appliances, and heating and ventilating. Interlock® rivets can be used to fasten metal to metal and metal to plastic.