Q-hydraulic Ram

TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: Model AGYCD-120/570-Q Rated Working Pressure 720 (10440 psi) Max. Extending Force 120KN Closed Length 350mm Working Scope 220mm Weight 9.4Kg (20.7lbs) Dimensions L*W*H 350x180x90mm  


Connected with Q-hydraulic motor pump, the Q-hydraulic Ram can lift metal or nonmetallic structures to rescue victims trapped in danger. It was designed per demands and advice of rescue equipment operators in firefighting, mining and armed guarding field. The bidirectional hydraulic lock& have self-locking function which means the ram heads can fix in any position without retraction.
Application:1. Various accidents, traffic accident rescue.
2. Earthquake, buildings collapse, fire disaster and shipwreck rescue; 3. Move and lifting obstacles, pry the gap and expand to channel; 4. Special for rescue when the rescue vehicles difficult to enter the mountain or narrow area.
Features: 1. Major components make up of high-strength lightweight alloy, small size, light weight, which is convenient for long period carrying on back; 2. Bi-directional hydraulic lock has a two-way self-lockin g function, can lift and fix in any position without retracting. 3. Micro closed length, suitable for working in narrow spaces; 4. Key component imported from Germany.