TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: Model ACJS6000-B Impact Distance 442mm  (17.4in) Weight of Impact Hammer =6.7kg  (4.7lbs) Total Weight =19.6kg (43.2lbs) Dimension (L*W*H) 782x72x70mm


It will do without power supply, hand rescue crowbars can be easily carried and operated by single person. They can also be used for windows, doors, locks, nails, bolts or building and vehicles break-in work.
Application: Especially for the early rescue work of earthquake rescue/ traffic accident. It is be used as pry, handle, impact and beat to work together with other tools.
Features: 1. Collection breaks down the manual functions 2. Can be used in all kinds of doors and pry lock, steel, cutting, cut down template cut   . 3. Head tool that uses high strength of stainless steel, strength and corrosion, beautiful appearance. 4. Handle has non-slip grain, hold the reliable.