Hose Reel

TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: Spec Inner Radius Working Pressure (Mpa) Outer Dia (mm) Mix Bending Size of Connector (mm) 1 2 1 2 1 2 Type ACDHG D S 4 4.7 27 7.8 65 M12*1.25 14 6 6.3 22 24 9.5 11 80 90 M14*1.5 17 8 7.9 20 23 11 13 90 100 M16*1.5 19 10…


The reel is mainly used for connecting the power source and the hydraulic rescue tools, and carry out fast rescue; The longest oil hose in the reel is 20m-long.To ensure fast rescue, while carrying the oil hose, put it into the reel is convenient for the rescuer to roll out it at any time.
Application: Rescue for mine, traffic accident, earthquake disaster, buildings collapse and air disaster etc. help police maintain stability; suitable for the rescue in complex terrain and mountainous  areas where are very difficult to reach.
Features: The main parts are made of high strength alloy, small size, light weight, cut the carrying time of rescue equipment, ensure the fast rescue.