Hand Breaking Tool Kit Senter


Model Senter-I Senter-II
Handle Force Needed 0.8 KN (180lbs) 0.8 KN (180lbs)
Prizing up Force for Door 4 KN (900lbs) 4 KN (900lbs)
Prizing up Force for Lock 10 KN (2250lbs) 10 KN (2250lbs)
Nail Pulling Out Force 10 KN (2250lbs) 10 KN (2250lbs)
Plate Thickness can be cut (Q235 Material) 1.5mm 1.5mm
Plate Thickness can be Drilled (Q235 material) 1.5mm 1.5mm
Weight 11.5 Kg (25.3lbs) 11.5 Kg (25.3lbs)


The hand breaking tool Kit without Motor pump. It can be operated by one person, easily for carrying. The working head adopted high strength tool steel, is strength, toughness and Durability. Especially adopt for primer rescue when other s cannot work. It can be used in breaking building and Wall, floors, windows, door lock. And So on.
Application: 1. It can be widely used in Car rescue, Narrow space rescue, Breaking door Rescue, Nature Disaster Emergency Rescue, and more. 2. Especially suitable for the operation environment with requirement of high maneuverability for example, anti-terrorism 3. Suitable for the operation of prying up the door, prying up the lock, pulling out the nail, cutting, punching, etc
Features: 1. The working tool adopted heat treated steel alloy, it is strength, toughness and durability. 2. Ergonomically  designed, this hooligan tools will well satisfy requirements of using, convenient and flexible. 3. No need more waving space for using, It is specially used in the situation of more people and in the dark environment. 4. Integrated with many work heads with the function of  hammering, lifting, prying up the door, prying up the lock, pulling out the nail, cutting, punching, etc 5. Specially integrated with backpack design, small volume, convenient to carry, Superior maneuverability.