TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: Model AFTK-9   Name Size (mm) Weight (kg) Claw rake components 170x160x93 1.2 Fire axe components 235x160x32 1.1 Long handled hook components 250x93x32 1 Fire hammer components 140x130x60 1.3 The sappers shovel components 200x150x50 1.1 Fire saw components 308x110x2 0.6 High shear components 295x170x30 1.2 Handle lever 1000x32x32 1.5 Extension Rod 1000x32x32 1…


Multi- Activity Fire fighting Tool-long-handled hook kit is a kind of forcible entry tool , The most commonly used in fire fighting and emergency rescue environment ,It can be replaced by different function tool heads to get multi functional combined operating according to the demand, It can not only replace the original fire vehicle’s configuration with variety types tools, but also save much space for equipment s, supplying the best option for fire bridge on practicability, humanization and multi-nationalization. and air disaster rescue,  2. Earthquake and other geological disasters rescues,. 3. Collapse  4.vehicle accident and other special occasions.
Feature:  1. Main parts: claw rake components, fire axe components, long handled hook components, Fire hammer components, the sappers shovel components, fire saw components, high shear components, handle lever and extension rod total 9 components.
Part of description:1. Claw rake components: for clearing of field debris ,obstacles, toxic substances and garbage after a disaster. 2. Fire axe components: It can be used for cutting, splitting, prying. splitting doors and windows, prying up floor, boxes, cabinets, ceiling, wall panel, railing, cutting round steel (diameter 4 mm, Q235 material ) .etc 3. Long handled hook component: forcible entry suspended ceiling, pull& hook electric wire, .etc  4. Fire hammer components: Scraping the building’s door & window glass to discharge smoke  and ventilate; hammering the soft material objects. 5. The sappers shovel components: clearing sundries and obstacles; tearing down and tightening the hex bolts; cutting and sawing off related objects; The shovel head and handle can be folded. 6. Fire saw: sawing off large tree branches tree trunks or fire burning objects; Can be used with high shear. 7. High shear components: can cut high altitude tree branches and easy- falling wooden objects, easy- collapsing objects and components. 8.Rod type of component: rod head is connected with quick connectors and tool head, can be used combined with matching forcible entry tool quickly flexible at the scene and has the advantages of good insulation, high strength, light weight.