POP Load Spreading (LSR/LS) Rivets

Fast Facts: Designed for joining plastics and other brittle or soft materials. Clamping loads spread over wide area, avoiding damage to vulnerable materials. Accommodates oversized holes. Corrosion-resistant. High-strength aluminum 3.5% magnesium alloy. Limited number of lengths needed because of wide grip range – up to 12.0mm. Blind hole, one-sided installation capability. Assembly applications include mobile…


Our Load Spreading (LSR/LS) rivets features a secondary head that forms large “folds.” This provides a larger bearing surface that resists the pull-through or cracking that can occur from a standard rivet.

Specifically designed for plastics and other brittle or soft materials, this range of aluminum rivets with aluminum mandrels offers two particular advantages in joining soft, friable, or brittle materials: outstanding reliability and a neat, uniform appearance.

LS rivets are perfectly suited to plastics, wood, GRP, laminates, and thin-gauge materials. LS rivets are integral to applications such as the assembly of mobile homes and park homes, installation of plastic-framed windows, and the manufacture of plywood furniture or timber products such as trailers.

This rivet should be selected whenever the materials to be fastened are so soft or brittle that the tensile force exerted by a conventional rivet would cause damage.

LS rivets are corrosion-resistant and can be set with our standard hand riveting tools.