POP Pull-Thru (PT) Rivets

Fast Facts: Flush set on both sides of the application. Insertion can be reversed, improving rivet tool access. Unique “Pull-Thru” mandrel. No loose stem heads remain in the application. Consistent clamp force Tight radial set provides increased structural rigidity. Colored mandrels allow for quick visual identification of different part sizes. Blind hole, one-sided installation capability.…


Our proprietary Pull-Thru rivets are the ideal solution when clearance is extremely limited and a flush set to the application surface is required on both sides. Our PT rivet solves these issues in a totally unique way.

As the PT rivet sets, the mandrel head remains integral with the mandrel, assuring no loose mandrel heads in the assembled product. The PT rivet is a steel countersunk blind fastener designed to set surface flush on both sides of an application (blind side protrusion < 0.4mm/0.015″).

PT rivets are widely used in the electronics industry where space is at a premium but also lend themselves to many low-clearance industrial applications, like car sunroofs, automotive speakers, home cabinet drawers, and refrigerator drawers, among many others uses.

Installation using our POP® Rivet Presenter (RP) Automated Riveting System facilitates a cycle time as fast as 2 seconds.