POP High-Retention (HR) Rivets

Fast Facts:

  • Blind hole, one-sided installation capability.
  • Rib design counters deformation and stress-fracture pressures.
  • Positively retained mandrel head.
  • Excellent rattle (noise) resistance.
  • Consistent and stable clamp force.
  • Increased secondary-side expansion.
  • Assembly applications include automotive, electronic assembly, and transportation.


The unique rib design of our High-Retention (HR®) rivets accommodates larger primary holes in plastic and thin sheet metal without causing deformation or stress fractures. Reliable and stable, the HR® Rivet has a footprint up to 25% greater than a standard rivet.

Ideal for metal and plastic-to-metal applications, HR® blind rivets offer excellent mandrel retention, excellent rattle resistance, and consistent and stable clamp force.

HR® rivets meet QS9001 standards and are RoHS-compliant.