Heavy Lifting Set

TECHNICAL PARAMETERS Model AJZC-129 Rated Lifting Force 12 Ton Safety Factor 4:1 Lifting Distance 310-5100mm Locking form Manual, Self-act Lifting out form Manual, Pneumatic, Hydraulic Rate pressure of Hydraulic column 720 Bar Rate pressure of Pneumatic Column 8bar


Heavy support set by different length of the extension rod, a supporting head telescopic support rod and a variety of shapes composition,  is suitable for earthquake, collapse, debris flow, landslide and other rescue scene, as well as mine, traffic accident rescue scene.
Application:1. Lifting in mining rescue, disaster rescue, trench rescue, fixed for large vehicles, fulfill vertical lifting and tilt lifting according to need
2. Widely used in fire, mines, roads rescue agencies etc.
Features: 1. The heavy lifting set can be manual, pneumatic operation, simple assembly and disassembly, no need for maintenance and special tools, with simple structure and can fulfill stability supporting in unfavorable conditions of sand and clay 2. Various lengths and function of the support columns, extension rods, accessories, top bracing, back plane can be applied in a variety of environments. 3. Made by high strength aluminum alloy A7075, Processed by high temperature Nit ride to increase strength and durability  4. Lock ring mechanically embossed handle, in case of the hands slipping. 5. The operation is simple and convenient, just four steps of fixed, connect, support, locking 6. The single lifting force is not less than 12T, Safety factor is 4:1, the biggest lifting force up to 48T, It’s the Hercules in lifting field.