Triple Output Motor Pump

Technical Parameters Model ABJQ-3-63/0.6 Applicative Temperature -30-55®C Power German Kohler XT-6 Engine Motor Power 2.6 kw Rated Working Speed 3600±200rpm Gasoline Volume 1L 61 in3 Working Pressure 720 Bar 10440 psi*3 Hydraulic Oil Volume 9L 549 in3 Rated Output Flow (High Flow) =0.6L/min*3 39.6 in3/min*3 Weight 48Kg 105.8lbs Rated Output Flow (Low flow) =2.3L/min*3 128.1…


1. Triple output motor pump is the first hydraulic pump that can supply power for 3 sets of tools synchronously, multiple tools can be operated at the same time, convenient and efficient. 2. Huge tank capacity, can work continuously for a longtime. 3. The design of collapsible trolley and caster wheel with the function of anti-bump,it can be carried, pushed and pulled, with high mobility.

Application: Various disaster sites, especially for earthquakes, fire protection, roads, mass transit, building collapses etc. Rescue sites that need multiple tools used in combination and with high maneuverability requirement.

Features: 1. The design of 3 sets of interfaces and huge tank capacity can supply power for 3 tools synchronously;

2. The design of collapsible trolley is convenient for being carried, pushed and pulled, easy to store.
3. The design of caster wheel is convenient for transporting moving quickly, with high mobility. Runs smoothly with the environment of -30°C – 55°C.