Single Out-put Motor Pump

Technical Parameters Model ABJQ-63/0.7-Q Power Japanese Honda Engine GXH50 Motor Power Rated Working Speed 4800±200rpm Gasoline Volume 0.77L 47 in3 Working Pressure 720 Bar 10440 psi Hydraulic Oil Volume 1.7L 103.7 in3 Rated Output Flow (High Flow) =0.65L/min 39.6 in3/min Weight =14Kg 30.8lbs Rated Output Flow (Low flow) =2.1L/min 128.1 in3/min Dimensions (L*W*H) 390x340x460 mm…


This hydraulic motor pump is mainly applied for rescue field as power source; it is characterized of compact structure, high mobility, light weight and beautiful appearance, there are different models provided, single input-output, thus various working requirements can be well met.

Application:1. Traffic accident and air disaster rescue, 2. Earthquake and other geological disasters rescues. 3 Building collapses and others.
Features:1. Widely application, two-stage pressure output, two working speeds; 2.One sets of tools can be connected and work at the same time, greatly increasing working efficiency; 3. Automatic shift between high and low pressure, convenient 4. Working temperatures: 30°C – 55°C, suitable for most rescue environments 5. German Kohler engine ensures a high working performance.