Portable Hydraulic Hand Pump

Technical Parameters Model ABS63/1.5-A Model ABS63/0.8-B Pressure of Low -Output 5-10 Mpa (725-1450 psi) Pressure of Low -Output 5-10 Mpa (725-1450 psi) Working Pressure 720 bar (10440 (psi) Working Pressure 720 bar (10440 psi) Low Output Pressure Flow =1.5ml/per (0.09in3/min) Low Output Pressure Flow 0.83ml/min (0.05in3/min) Rated Output Flow 12 ml/time (0.73in3/min) Rated Output Flow…


This hydraulic hand pump is mainly applied as hydraulic power source, it is characterized of compact structure, light weight and powerful capacity, thus is widely applied for rescue fields.
Application:1. Mine rescue, traffic accident rescue;
2. Earthquake disaster and building collapse rescue;
3. Police equipment for stable, aircraft accident rescue; 4. Other geological disasters rescue.
Features:1. Compact structure, light and portable;
2. 3 meters hydraulic oil pipe matched with hand pump, which can be connected directly to accurate rescue time.
3. Key parts imported from Germany.
4. Automatic shift between high and low pressures,
5.working temperature can be -30°C ~ 55°C.
6. Center bolt installed inside pump, stability and service time can be 50% longer than counterparts.