Hydraulic Tube Squeezer

TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: Model AGYFG-63/60-A Rated Working Pressure 720 bar (10440 psi) Max. Opening Distance Blades 60mm (2.3in) Closing Gap of two Blades 2mm+1mm Max. Tuber Diameter can be sealed 60mm (2.3in) Max. wall Thickness be sealed 3.5mm (0.13in) Weight 7.6kg (16.7lbs) Dimension (L*W*H) 380*212*174mm


Cylinder is made of high strength of lightweight alloy material knife takes usage of reprinting special steel. With bi-directional hydraulic lock and automatic reset valve; can take off the hydraulic pipeline after pipe sealing to ensure operator’s safety.
Application: This kind of hydraulic tube sealer has a wide range of application. With big sealing capacity for both gas and liquid pipes at diameter of less or equal than 65mm and thickness of 1-3.5mm, cut to stop the burning materials.
Features: This is the professional emergency rescue tool which is used to destroy part of the metal pipe by extruding to seal the pipes. Hydraulic tube sealer can reduce or stop the damage caused from liquid or gas material leakage, which can create the advantage opportunity and condition for the next rescue work.