Strand Hydraulic Cylinder – ASH Series

Model Capacity Kn Rated Working Pressure Bar Stroke mm Hole Diameter mm Steel Strand Diameter mm Steel Strand Quantity mm Weight Ton ASH-600B 618 250 500 110 17.8 4 720 ASH-750 746 250 500 125 17.8 5 925 ASH-1000C 1000 230 300 160 15.24 10 937 ASH-1700 1700 215 500 195 17.8 12 1800 ASH-2000F…


Features :

  • As a high-tech professional company, we are committed to providing the existing mature, safe and super large components hydraulic synchronous lifting system, sliding system, and a series of construction technology and related professional equipment for customer service which is used to solve the problem that the conventional method is difficult to solve during the installation and construction of the projects.
  • For different form requirements of customers and projects, we can also provide software, hardware and on-site technical guidance services and other flexible service modes.
  • Our company has participated in various types of large-scale construction projects in various sectors, has a wealth of practical experience and professional technical service personnel. If you have a requirement of installation scheme design, lifting and installation of special equipment (components), we are undoubtedly the most ideal partner.