Intelligent Hydraulic Mobile Lifting Trolley AMLT Series

Model AMLT-300 Double acting lock nut hydraulic cylinder Capacity: 300T Working pressure: 700 Bar Stroke: 250 mm Electric Hydraulic Pump Motor Power: 1.1 KW( frequency conversion) 380V 50Hz (Can be customized) Working Pressure: 700 Bar Flow: 1L/min Oil Tank Capacity: 25L Walking motor power 4 KW+ Reduction Box ( manual disconnecting device) Walking speed 0〜1.3…


Used in oil refining heat exchanger core installed to the shell (core), use 300T hydraulic car to lift and shift the core, hydraulic car main top is double acting mechanical self- locking top, first lift core to a certain height, core and shell should be guaranteed in same centre, locking the main top. Translates the core, starts the car to move the function (forward and backward both are viable), slowly will the core body enter the shell, until the customer further installs.

Based on field bus technology PLC distributed control system of the overall program, divided into hydraulic bearing control unit, driving the control unit in two parts,
integrate electrical, hydraulic and mechanical into the automated hydraulic equipment, through computer control of the load-bearing system and drive the system to work, with simultaneous lifting, self-walking, walking and other functions simultaneously.