Micro Scissor Lifts AMSL Series

Model imperial Metric Imperial Metric
Work height 211 4in 6.5m 21ft 4in 6.5m
A-Platform Height- Elevated 14ft 9in 4.5m 14m 9in 4.5m
B -Platform Height-s Stowed 3ft 1in 0.95m 3# 1in 0.95m
C-Platform Length 4ft 3in 1.29m 4tt 3in 1.29m
D-Platform Width 2ft 4in 0.7m 2# 4in 0.7m
2ft 0.6m 2# 0.6m
E-Overal Height (Rais Up) 6ft 9in 2.05m 6ft 9in 2.05m
Overall Height (Rails Down) 5# 7in 1.7m 1.7m
F-Overall Length 4ft 9in 1.44m 4ft 9in 1.44m
G-Overall Width 2ft 6in 0.76m 2# 6in 0.76m
H Wheelbase 3ft Sin 1.05m 3# Sin 1.05m
-Ground Clearance (Stowed) 2.4in 0.06m 2.4in 0.06m
J-Ground Clearance (Raised) 0.65in 0.017m 0.65in 0.017m
Platform Capacity 530lb 240kg 530lb 240kg
Capacity on Deck Extension 220b 100kg 220lb 100kg
Max. Number of Workers 2 2
Drive Speed (Stowed) 2.5mph 4kmh 2.5mph 4km/h
Drive Speed (Raised) .5mph 0.8kmh 0.5mph 0.8kmh
Turning Radius (Inside) 11 4in 0.4m 1ft 4in 0.4m
Turning Radius (Outside) 5ft 3in 1.6m 5f 3in 1.6m
Litting Motor 24V/1.2KW 24V/1.2KW
Drive Motor 24V/2×0.45KW 88s/60s
Up/Down Time 23/25s 88s/60s
Gradeability 30%(17′) 25%(14″)
Max. Working Slope (Leteral/Vertical) 1.5%3 1.5°/3′
Control Proportional Control Proportional Control
Drive Rear Wheels Rear Wheels
Brake Rear Wheels Rear Wheels
Tyre Ø9inx3 3in Ø230mm x80mm Ø9in 33in 0230mm x80mm
Battery (Optional) 2x12V/85Ah 102Ah Li-ion Battery
Charger (Optional) 24V/15A 24V/15A

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