Hydraulic Pusher On-track Heavy Load – APHL Series

Model APHL-200T APHL-400T
1xclamping cylinder, 1xpushing-moving cylinder, 1xelectric hydraulic pump, 4x6m hydraulic hose, 1xdistributing valve 2xclamping cylinder, 2xpushing-moving cylinder, 2xelectric hydraulic pump, 8x6m hydraulic hose, 2xdistributing valve
Prepared by user 2xactive sliding boots, 2xpassive sliding boots, 200T equipment 4xactive sliding boots, 4xpassive sliding boots, 400T equipment
Connect 1xclamping cylinder and 1xpushing-moving cylinder by hydraulic hose in series, driving by 1xelectric hydraulic pump Connect 2xclamping cylinders, 2xpushing- moving cylinders, 2xelectric hydraulic pumps and 2xdistributing valves by hose in series, driving by 2xelectric hydraulic pumps

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