POP High-Strength (HS) Rivets

Fast Facts:

  • Increased blind-side expansion.
  • High clamp load.
  • Vibration-resistant joints.
  • Accommodates oversized holes.
  • Positively retained mandrel head.
  • Excellent rattle (noise) resistance.
  • Grooved mandrel.
  • Optimizes jaw and tool life.
  • For use in structural applications.


Our High-Strength (HS) blind rivet is a domed high-strength fastener designed to provide superior shear and tensile strength. Large blind-side expansion for structural applications provides vibration resistance and enhances joint integrity.

Used widely in the transportation industry where noise and vibration reduction are requirements. HS blind rivets are RoHS-compliant and manufactured to ISO, QS, and TS requirements.

The HS rivet is a proprietary design that provides excellent rattle resistance and that optimizes jaw and tool life, thanks to its grooved mandrel.