MS -Modular Power Packs With Petrol Engine


These hydraulic power packs are designed to be modular in order to guarantee the complete interchangeability of the components. Thanks to this feature it is possible to order customized models. The top plate is used as a base on which to mount all the modular components (valves, and accessories). The valves are also mounted on a plate to allow the pressure adjustment on the return line. The power packs are manufactured under high quality controls to ensure:

– Safety: The valves are set in our Factory and each component is in compliance with 2006/42/CE Machine Directive” and its following amendments. Furthermore they are CE marked in relation to the 2014/30 UE norms (electromagnetic compatible) and 2014/35 UE (low tension); – Life: The components are all carefully chosen and this ensures excellent performance results, Power/weight ratio, and limited dimensional requirements and easy maintenance ; – Environment: They are easy to use, the are quiet, reliable and guarantee the maximum performance.

The various models consist of:

– Motor , available in four versions: three-phase electric, single phase electric, petrol engine and air motor. Furthermore our electric motors are provided with magneto-thermal cut-out with 0 voltage disconnection, complete with 5 m power cord, CEE  plug and Class IP54 protection ; – Pump  available in 12 versions from 0,45 to 10 l/min ; – Relief valve adjustable from outside on all pumps and various types of manual, electric, air-operated and spring centred valves at your choice ; – Tank from 5 to 50 litres ; – Options  to customize the power unit.

Check the chart on the next page for the correct interpretation of the hydraulic power units.


They are essential for lifting and jacking systems with single and double acting cylinders and for all heavy duty or complex operations that cannot be performed with manual pumps.

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