PNP – Hand Pumps With Tank In Plastic – 700 Bar

Features The main feature of the PNP pumps is it’s extreme lightness given that the body of the pump is produced from extruded aluminum and the oil tank from glass reinforced nylon. The practical pedal locking hook allows the use of the lever as a handle during transport by holding it in the correct manner it will balance the pump even if equipped with ancillaries. All 700 bar models have: – Externally adjustable relief valve ; – 1/4 ” NPT side port for the direct fitting of the gauge ; – Fitting holes ; – Tank from 0,7 – 1,2 lt. – The PNP240 model pump is equipe with a 4 way valve with 3 positions for the usage of the pump with double acting cylinders. All PNP pumps can work vertically with the pumping head pointing downwards with a smaller oil volume than their nominal capacity.

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