MLP -Air-hydraulic Pumps From 80 To 3000 Bar

Features Air- hydraulic pumps are extremely light and versatile. Tests results show how exceptionally reliable and suitable they are for the most difficult operations thanks to their unique design (series SA, MA, HA, TA, V,U made of plastic material outside and metal alloy inside). There are six multiplying factors: 19:1, 60:1, 122.1, 196:1, 278:1, 336:1, 484:1 for maximum oil pressure values respectively of 80, 350, 700, 1000, 1500, 2100, 3000 bar. All the pumps (version KA excluded) have a maximum pressure valve not adjustable from the outside. The outward pressure can be adjusted varying the inward air pressure. The four basic versions are: – MLP0 with P and T outlets, to be used with on-line valves ; – MLP1 with Cetop 3 plate ; – MLP2 with three-way valve (with control pedal) SA, MA, HA e TA, with manual acting valve for V, U and KAG models,for single acting cylinders ; – MLP3 with three-way valve (with manual handwheel) for single acting cylinders ; – MLP4 with four-way valve (with hand lever) four double acting cylinders. Different ancillaries can be added to the basic version, this expands the pump’s functions, check the table on the next page. OPERATIONAL AREAS These air-hydraulic pumps are best if used in the rapid exchange of the equipments on machine tools (80 bar), in hydraulic clamping (80 and 350 bar), in the industrial sector (350 bar), for the lifting, the maintenance and in the automotive sector (700 bar) together with bolt tensioner cylinders and hydraulic nuts (1000 and 1500 bar), bearings press fitting, for laboratory and burst tests (1500 and 2100 e 3000 bar). STANDARD ( on MLP21V, MLP21U and MLP23KAG ) – Cage ; – Gauge ; – Pressure reducer. ACCESSORIES : – ZML14 pressure reducer for air supply ; – ZMB7 pressure booster adaptable to the MLP21# HA/MA/SA to multiply outgoing pressure (Ratio 4:1). Inlet 3/8˝ NPT, outlet 3/4˝ -16 UNF ; – RP52 gauge adaptor for gauge type G106L (a part from models VA, KAG and U).

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