CMC – Extra Flat Cylinders – Spring Return

Features The CMC range of cylinders have grooved end rods to improve the load grip, models over 20 tonne also have two threaded holes in the end rod to facilitate the screwing of the tilt saddle. All models have two holes which allows the cylinder to be bolted down onto a work surface; their flat sides also allow them to be used horizontally. Models over 5 tonne are fitted with a wiper seal and from 75 tonne upwards they are fitted with a removeable carrying handle. The CMC5N6 model is supplied with a K71F coupler  (1/4” NPT connection).


These extra compact lightweight cylinders are the  ideal solution to operate in the narrowest working areas. They are used for the lifting of machineries, transformers and bridge sections while in the ship building industry can be used to raise engines into position and remove propellers.

 ACCESSORIES: – ZTT tilt saddle reduces the effects of any possible off-centred load.

STANDARD: -Tilt saddle mounting holes.

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