PF – Lightweight Alloy Foot Pumps

Feauters This lightweight aluminium pump is strong, simple to use and easy to maintain. Available in single-stage and double-stage versions to reduce approaching times. It is equipped with: – Externally adjustable relief valve ; – Steel base plate with antislip pads which can be removed if the pump is mounted onto to a flat surface ; – 1/4” NPT gauge port for direct installation of a pressure gauge on the pump head. OPERATIONAL AREAS This pump is used with small tools for folding, drilling and pressing of pipes and metal sheets. They are not suitable for lifting and lowering operations since the discharge pedal doesn’t have the possibility to control and modify the oil flux. This pump is recommended if the operator needs to keep his hands free. OPTIONS: – G version , pump with pressure gauge G106L directly mounted on pump head ( PF120G ). STANDARD: – 1/4’’ NPT gauge for Direct fitting of the pressure gauge on the pump head.

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