Hydraulic Hand Operated Combined Tool

Technical Parameters  

Model AGYJKB-63-25/20-A AGYJQ-63-28/150-B

Rated Working Pressure

720 (10440 psi) 720 (10440 psi)

Opening Distance of Blades

160mm (6.3in) 255mm (10in)
Max. Cutting Capacity (Q235 steel) 10mm  (steel plate) 20mm (Steel plate)

10mm  (steel plate)

24mm (Steel plate)

Max. Cutting Force

300 KN (67500lbs) 207 KN (46575lbs)
Rated Spreading Force 25 KN (5600lbs)

190 KN (42750lbs)


10Kg (22lbs) 11.8Kg (26lbs)

Dimensions L*W*H

735x212x145mm 825x208x175mm

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