Hydraulic Rescue Spreader

Technical Parameters Model AGYKZ-32/490-Q Model AGYKZ-42-120/650 Rated Working Pressure 720 (40440 psi) Rated Working Pressure 720 (40440 psi) Max. Spreading Distance 490mm (19.3in) Max. Spreading Distance 650mm (25.6in) Pulling Distance 325mm (12.8in) Pulling Distance 505mm (19.9in) Rated Tension Force 32 KN (71681lbs) Rated Tension Force 42 KN (17640lbs) Max. Tension Force 64 KN (14388 lbs)…


Hydraulic rescue spreader is specially designed according to working requirements, it is characterized of light weight, compact structure, advanced functions and easy operation, different works, including spreading, clamping and pulling, can be carried out by it. rescue tool for spreading obstacles in road accident, earthquake and other circumstances, thus this kind of Hydraulic rescue spreader is widely applied in road and air rescue, earthquake and other disaster rescues.

Application:1. Traffic accident rescue, earthquake disaster and accident rescue etc. 2. Moving and lifting obstacles pry gap and expand gallery for rescue; 3. Deforming metal structure and tearing body plates of vehicle; 4. Can cooperate with lead zipper to clear road obstacles.
Features:1. Body made of high strength alloy, light and durable; 2. Short opening and closing time to accelerate rescue process; 3. Bi-directional hydraulic lock and automatic reset valve, high security operation, combined with self-locking function, can expand in any position without retraction; 4. Sealing ring is imported from Germany; 5. Handle convenient operation, moving parts has protecting cover to ensure operators security; 6. Can work with chain traction.