E-Rad Blu-s

PART NUMBER TOOL MODEL DRIVE SIZE TORQUE LOW (Nm) HIGH RPM WEIGHT (Kg) DIMENSION A (mm) DIMENSION B (mm) DIMENSION C (mm) DIMENSION D (mm) 26937 E-RAD BLU 950-S-M 0.75″ 135 950 15 5.9 380 72 77 270.5 26938 E-RAD BLU 3400-S-M COMP 1.0″ 340 3400 5 8.6 412 87 77 270.5 22759 E-RAD BLU…


Supreme Transducer Technology with High Accuracy.

The E-RAD BLU-S is the newest addition to the E-RAD BLU product line from RAD. Equipped with a transducer, the E-RAD BLU-S allows for the highest accuracy on the market and features operator identification, which ensures traceability of each torque sequence performed. With a pass/fail indicator on both sides, and password protection, you’ll be sure you’re getting controlled and accurate torquing.

The touch screen control case provides an easy to use interface that allows for preselectable presets, quick error-free torque and angle adjustments, complete recalibrations as well as data logging everything for easy export into spreadsheets on your laptop.

RAD SMART SOCKETS™ can connect to the E-RAD BLU tool via Bluetooth technology. This combination allows you to automatically calibrate your E-RAD BLU to any joint!