E-Rad Blu

PART NUMBER TOOL MODEL DRIVE SIZE TORQUE LOW (Nm) HIGH RPM WEIGHT (Kg) DIMENSION A (mm) DIMENSION B (mm) DIMENSION C (mm) DIMENSION D (mm) 21985 E-RAD BLU 950 0.75″ 135 950 20 5.4 340 65 78 275 24162 E-RAD BLU 2000 1.0″ 270 2000 9 5.9 337 69 78 275 21986 E-RAD BLU 3400…


Ability to use different handles per controller case!

The system of choice for the wind industry, the E-RAD BLU precision torque wrench tools are designed to provide a high degree
of accuracy (+/- 2.8%) and repeatability (+/- 2%). Using a patented gearbox design and the precision of an electric AC Servo motor, these tools deliver smooth continuous torque. Best of all, it’s the most affordable system on the market.

E-RAD BLU TOUCH CONTROL CASE The touch screen control case provides an easy to use interface that allows for preselectable presets, quick error-free torque and angle adjustments, complete recalibrations as well as data logging everything for easy export into spreadsheets on your laptop.
RAD SMART SOCKETS™ can connect to the E-RAD BLU tool via Bluetooth technology. This combination allows you to automatically calibrate your E-RAD BLU to any joint!