Rad Smart Sockets

PART NUMBER SMART SOCKET MODEL TORQUE LOW (Nm) HIGH DRIVE SIZE WEIGHT (Kg) DIMENSION HEIGHT (mm) DIAMETER 20879 33mm SMART SOCKETT 200 2000 3/4″ 1.2 100 72 21363 36mm SMART SOCKETT 200 2000 1″ 1.2 100 72 22158 41mm SMART SOCKET™ 200 2000 1″ 1.2 87 72 20880 46mm SMART SOCKET™ 200 2000 1″ 1.2…


Instant torque read-out of your live application!
Strain gauge technology measures torque applied to bolt. Patented Product.

The RAD Smart Sockets™ use RAD Torque’s transducer technology combined with a custom socket to measure the actual torque applied to the bolt during a torque cycle. By innovative design, the Smart Socket is no larger than a standard socket. Its compact size and innovative technology makes the Smart Sockets™ a perfect audit tool for inspecting bolted joints and it can function as a master calibration for various torque tools.

• Measures and displays peak torque
• Full data collection – export to email by PDF, XLS, CSV
• View in real time via Bluetooth onto your smartphone or tablet
• Transducer accuracy of +/-1%