Avdel Double Flush Chobert

Fast Facts:

  • Flush surface on both sides of the component.
  • Reduces excess space requirements within the chassis.
  • Common hole form can be used throughout the chassis design to reduce complexity.
  • Can be installed from either direction if accessible.
  • Expands radially in the material during installation.
  • Provides superior joint strength when compared to competitive technologies.
  • One-piece fastener eliminates potential stem fall out that can cause electrical problems.
  • Rapid installation with magazine or bowl feed fasteners.
  • Available as a customized design to meet your unique assembly requirements.
  • Popular electronics industry assembly applications include computer chassis, casings, small electronic devices, and applications with exceptionally thin sheet.
  • Size: 3.2 mm (1/8″) diameter
  • Material: Steel with Zinc clear passivation
  • Head Form: Countersunk

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