POP Open-End Rivets

Fast Facts: Design of the stem head ensures positive retention after installation Wide range of diameters. Wide range of lengths suitable for material thicknesses up to 26mm. Countersunk (120°) heads available. Break-head mandrels available in most sizes. Blind hole, one-sided installation capability. Body Material Mandrel Material Head Style Dome Head Large Flange Countersunk 5052 Aluminum…


POP Open-End rivets are hollow blind rivets pre-assembled onto a headed pin or mandrel.

When set, POP open-end rivets resemble conventional tubular rivets, but unlike tubular rivets, the mandrel head is retained within the body of the rivet.

These large-flange rivets give wide load spread, and are available in aluminum and nickel-copper alloy. The nickel-copper option is particularly suited for marine and other corrosive atmospheres.

Providing strong, low-cost fastenings, POP open-end rivets do well in most industrial riveting applications where materials to be fastened do not have high load-bearing requirements.