Avdel Avsert

Fast Facts: Blind hole, one-sided installation capability. Internally threaded bore takes a threaded part e.g. D-subminiature connectors. Available in many stand-off heights to accommodate a wide variety of components. Can be used for board thicknesses of 0.8-2.0 mm (short spigot) or 0.8-2.4 mm max (long spigot). Suitable as a female mating bush for D-subminiature connectors.…


The Avsert® is a threaded stand-off pillar widely used for PCBs. It can also be used to attach a wide variety of other connectors and electronic components. Available in a range of metric internal threads and many stand-off heights, the Avsert® will fit an array of board thicknesses.

Available in short-spigot and long-spigot versions, the Avsert® is made of tin-plated brass and is an excellent option for high speed, blind side assembly needs.