Avdel Avdelmate

Fast Facts: Non-structural breakstem rivet. Rivet stem retained in tubular component to avoid loose stems. Blind hole, one-sided installation capability. Extra-wide grip range from 15.8 mm to 98.4 mm (5/8″ to 3-7/8″). Large bearing area against both sides of the application. Spreads the tail bearing load/clamp load on the rear sheet to prevent damage. Clamps…


The Avdel Avdelmate rivet is a two-piece wide-grip, breakstem fastener suitable for a range of applications in soft, thin sheet, and brittle materials.

This two-piece breakstem fastener consists of a rivet and tubular section. Upon insertion, the rivet stem is retained in the tubular component, avoiding loose stems.

Avdelmate fasteners provide a secure clamp without crushing the parent material and good hole fill due to the radially expanded rivet body. This makes the Avdelmate® fastener ideal for stadium seating, furniture, playground equipment, street signs, and racking applications.