CGR – Cilinders, Load Return With Safety Nut – Low Profile

Features Pancake lock ring cylinders have a system which prevents any possible over-stroke. The rod on these cylinders has a coloured area which appears 10mm before the maximum stroke has been reached.  This version does not conform to ANSI B30.1.

These cylinders are particularly suitable for applications in which the load has to be left in a raised position for long periods. The threaded safety nut, which blocks mechanically the cylinder boby, allows to operate in total safety under the load. All cylinders are supplied with integrated tilt saddle and eyelets in order to ease their transport .


CGR cylinders are suggested in the construction and maintenance of bridges, viaducts, building and industrial sites  where the working space is limited. The protective nitriding treatment on these cylinders gives them excellent resistance to corrosion making them suitable for use in adverse environments.

STANDARD – Integrated tilt saddle, reduces the effects of possible off-centred loads.

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