CMI#W – Multi-purpose Cylinders, Spring Return With Imperial Thread

Features All the CMI cylinders have collar threads on the cylinder body and mounting holes in the base. They are supplied with an interchangeable grooved pushing saddle and models above 30 tonne are supplied with a handle for the carrying. A wiper seal is fitted on models above 5 tonne to prevent the penetration of dirt and to extend the life of the cylinder.


These cylinders can be operated in any position and are extremely versatile and suitable for different applications, including industrial works, steel structural works, presses and special applications. The nitride treatment gives these cylinders an excellent resistance to corrosion and makes them particularly suitable to operate in the open air or in aggressive environments.

 ACCESSORIES : – ZTT tilt saddle  reduces the effects of any possible off-centred load. – Base plates. ZAB – Clevis eyes. ZAR and ZAE

STANDARD : – Base mounting holes. – Pushing saddle prevents any risk of rod deformation.

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