Three-level Pump

TECHNICAL PARAMETERS: Model AEHP-1.7 Rated Working Pressure 720 bar (10440psi) The first level out-put 22ml/min The second level out-put 5.7ml/min The third level out-put 1.9ml/min Weight =9.7kg Dimension (L*W*H) 800*190*180mm


2015 hot offer product which is warmly popular in many countries in the world market.
Application: 1, Especially suitable for flammable and explosive environment and the environment that the power source is essential during the rescue.
2. With small size, lightweight, without the need of fuel, mostly used in narrow spaces. 3. Especially suitable for the case of no noise allowed;4, It’s the best power source in easier rescue environment.
Features: 1, Adopt double hose-single coupling, with lock function and dust-proof equipment, can plug and play with pressure, easier and faster; 2, With small size, lightweight, Superior maneuverability,easy to carry; 3, Equipped with 3 meter hydraulic tube, directly connect with the tools can save valuable rescue time; 4, Equipped with safety relief valve,and with the function of automatic high-low pressure conversion.