Hydraulic Rescue Cutter A & B

Technical Parameters: Model AGYJQ-63/220-A Model AGYJQ-63-28/150-B Rated Working Pressure 720 (10440 psi) Rated Working Pressure 720 (10440 psi) Opening Distance of Blades 220mm (8.6in) Max. Spreading Distance 154mm Max. Cutting Capacity (Q235 steel) 15mm 28mm Pulling Distance 28mm (Circle sheet) Max. Cutting Force 390 KN Rated Tension Force 390 KN Weight 12Kg Weight (working model)…


This hydraulic rescue cutter is special rescue tool for traffic accident, earthquake and other disasters. it can be connected with both hydraulic motor pump and hydraulic hand pump. Our Aeroboom hydraulic rescue cutter is characterized of compact structure, big cutting capacity and advanced functions.
Application: 1. Traffic accident rescue, earthquake disaster relief and accident rescue etc. 2. Unclenching the door and metal structure into deformation; 3. Cut metal structure, vehicle parts, pipeline and metal plates
Features: 1. Shearing blade adopts High-quality heat-treated tool steel, with surface anodized, good in wearing resistance; 2. Protective cover for main parts to prevent splash during shearing; 3. Bi-directional self-lock function and automatic reset reversing valve make operation convenient and safe; 4. Ergonomically designed, can automatically push material to the biggest shearing strength of blade center; 5. Less opening and closing time guarantee a faster rescue.