POP Grip Tite Rivets


Through thick and thin, Grip Tite™ rivets feature strong, vibration-resistant joints. Even with thin sheet metal or plastics, Grip Tite™ rivets will set without any material deformation.

Grip Tite™ rivets provide mandrel retention and an impressive expanded footprint on the blind side. The wide blind side expansion feature can compensate for irregular holes and spread the load evenly.

With high shear and tensile strength characteristics, Grip Tite™ is widely used in many industries including automotive where assemblies are subject to demanding conditions.

Offering high-strength performance in thick to thin materials, Grip Tite™ rivets are available in 3.2mm (1/8″), 4.0mm (5/32″), and 4.8mm (3/16″) diameter rivet sizes with steel body and steel mandrel. Features such as large flange, countersunk heads, stainless steel mandrel, and specific plating can be customized to fulfill specific application needs.